We Raised the Woof for a new animal shelter!
Raise the Woof Announcement - Kansas City Animal Shelter
Raise the Woof - KC Pet Project Animal Shelter


April 4th - Get Out and Vote!

Kansas City, MO Residents go out and vote on April 4th for a new animal shelter! Please see our Supporter Kit for media that you can use the day of the vote and leading up to April 4th to help us promote this critically important campaign for a new shelter.


The current Kansas City, MO shelter was built in 1972 and is considered too small and woefully outdated.

Euthanasia rates of 60% – 70% for the overall animal population and 98% euthanasia rates for cats were the norm.

Prior to KC Pet Project assuming operation of this shelter, it was known as the city’s “dog pound” operated by Kansas City animal control employees.

KC Pet Project made history by officially achieving “No-Kill” status – becoming the 3rd largest open admission, No-Kill animal shelter in the United States

And creating the largest (and only open admission) No-Kill animal shelter in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

This was achieved within just 6 months of taking over operations of the Kansas City, Missouri municipal animal shelter!

No animal is euthanized for time or space.

Euthanasia is only warranted for animals that are too sick or injured to have a good prognosis for quality life and dogs that are too aggressive and pose a risk to the community.

KC Pet Project continues to challenge the status quo every day

By proving that open admission municipal shelters, even with old buildings and limited resources, CAN save all the healthy and treatable animals in their care.

KC Pet Project assumed operation of the shelter on January 1, 2012 and within just a few months we were saving more than 90% of all of the animals entering the shelter.

We have consistently maintained a live release rate above 90% each month since that time and have improved our lifesaving efforts year after year.

We do all of this on a small annual budget of just $3 million and from an old 14,000 sq. ft. building built in 1972 that is 1/4 the size it should be for our city’s homeless animals.

We’re proud to have once again made the record books in 2016 for the highest level of lifesaving achieved in the history of Kansas City’s animal shelter – saving over 94% of the pets who came to KC Pet Project.

Think of even more of the amazing work that we could do with a new facility!

We are fully committed to saving the lives of thousands of homeless, injured, ill, and abandoned animals every year in Kansas City and helping them find homes more quickly.

We work hard to be creative and open to utilizing out-of-the-box and innovative ideas to do so. Our organization’s motto is “Solutions – Not Excuses” and we put this into practice every day despite the challenges we face working in a facility that was not designed to save lives.

Voting Info

Election is on April 4, 2017

for Kansas City, MO residents

$800 million dollar general obligation bond

will be broken down in three questions:
  • Question 1 is for $600 million for streets, sidewalks and bridge repairs and replacements
  • Question 2 is for flood control projects valued at $150 million
  • Question 3 is for $50 million for public buildings, including ADA upgrades and to include building a new animal shelter

The value of the bonds for the animal shelter portion is $14 million

and additional funds will also be raised from the private sector to pay for the construction of the new shelter

Voter registration ends March 8, 2017

For registration information visit:

Absentee voting happening now. This can be done at Union Station Post Office or at County Board of Election offices.

Shelter Info

Top 5 Reasons to Vote Yes!

Built almost 50 years ago, this reconverted construction shed is “woefully outdated” and desperately inadequate for the volume of Kansas City’s animal welfare challenges.

The Kansas City shelter takes in a disproportionate and staggering volume of 10,300 animals a year, making it the 3rd largest open admission, No Kill shelter in the country.

The Kansas City Star called it “an embarrassment of a structure on Raytown Road.”

The shelter provides a vital city service to residents, protecting both our citizens and our pets. This would be the very first animal shelter building ever constructed in Kansas City– decades past virtually every peer city in the Midwest.

The Missouri Department of Agriculture recommended that the City build a new animal shelter almost ten years ago. It is long past time.

New Shelter Facts

The current shelter size is 14,000 sq. ft. and the proposed needs are 60,000 sq.ft.

to provide the appropriate kennel sizing, education areas and staffing needs. This is 4 times larger than the current shelter but only increases the actual number of kennels by twice as they are so undersized now.

The new shelter will be located at the corner of Gregory and Elmwood in Swope Park

just south of the Kansas City Zoo, Starlight Theatre, north of the Lakeside Nature Center and west of the dog park - continuing the synergy for pets and animals of all types in one common area.

New shelter would emphasize the bond between humans and pets

by offering extensive education and training opportunities for people, their pets, and the community.

There will not be excessive noise related to this shelter.

It will be built soundproofed and insulated. Dogs will not be left outside unattended.

KC Pet Project is the only shelter provided for KCMO resident’s homeless pets.

Our shelter services the entire Kansas City, MO metro region north and south of the river and approximately 500,000 residents.


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